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You probably already know that if you have a business in 2017, you should be on social media and have a website. Did you also know that negative customer reviews can affect a company’s internet reputation and cost businesses billions of dollars each year?

Managing your customer reviews and developing a strong social media presence are part of your overall digital presence, and can be crucial to your company’s success. Internet Reputation Management can be overwhelming, and many business owners are not sure where to start. However, ReviewCopia rises to the tough business challenges of professional reputation management, and lets you concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

ReviewCopia is an authority in internet presence strategy, and we are dedicated to preserving customer trust for our clients, as well as making sure your message is being properly conveyed to your online community.

With these goals in mind, Houston’s ReviewCopia has introduced a powerful online service specifically designed to help you manage customer reviews, as well as improve and promote your online internet reputation. Our online tool has an elegant, streamlined, and easy to use interface with robust features. Our proprietary tool is easily managed for streamlined on-boarding of all your employees.

We use industry data to stay on the cutting edge of content marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and trends; and we use proven methodologies to execute your customized reputation management plan.

Unfortunately, the consequences of negative customer reviews can not only cost your business valuable revenue, but can also divert business momentum, morale, and focus. However, with ReviewCopia’s product, this potentially devastating business pitfall may not happen. In fact, a series of industry reports from research and advisory experts at BIA/Kelsey now indicate the expectation for revenues in the internet reputation management industry to be $3.1 billion this year. Therefore, it’s time to get your business in the game and win.

Put our experience at ReviewCopia to the test by allowing us to help you protect your online reputation, and preserve word of mouth marketing. Along with consumer reviews, it’s still the most effective way to grow your business and maintain quality customer service satisfaction. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today at 800-875-1532.

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