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Online Reviews Matter – Now More Than Ever

Get 5 STARS Instantly

Since the early 90’s, reviews about businesses, products, services, and people have popped up, and now at a very fast pace.

Before the internet, reviews generally surfaced as part of a scientific and structured collection of focus group opinions, product evaluations or from an accredited source. Most accepted the review with some credibility.

Today, anyone can post a review, accurate or not, legitimate or not, fair or not. The result is an imbalance of accurate, legitimate and fair reviews.

Why, it’s simple, and psychologists and philosophers have it right,

“Dissatisfaction motivates action”

“Satisfaction promotes contentment, with no reason for action”

Bottom line, it’s very likely that a dissatisfied customer will act and post a negative review. Unfortunately, a very satisfied customer is much less likely to post a positive review. Therefore, an imbalanced Review Average ensures.

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