Why Businesses Need Reputation Management Services

Business owners that choose to forgo reputation management services usually do so because they may not believe their online reputation matters; however, IT DOES! If you’ve ever contemplated trying out a new restaurant, a new repair service, or a new physician, and if you’ve needed to make a major purchase, chances are you went online to read reviews. Would you support businesses that got 1-2 stars, or those with 4-5 stars? Below are reasons why every business needs reputation management services. 

Online Reviews Matter

If you don’t think your business has an online reputation, think again. Especially if a customer is somehow unhappy with a service, an employee, or product. Whether you have managed online review services or not, reviews do exist somewhere in cyberspace; and what people say about your business carries much weight and will affect others’ decision to support your business.

Online users are hungry for reviews and will do the research, especially if they aren’t familiar with your business. As such, making website reviews and information easily accessible online helps customers find exactly what they need to make an informed decision.

2016 stats show that 88 percent of potential customers trust online reviews as much as they would a close friend or family member. This makes reputation management and review services vital to business growth and sustainability, especially for small businesses and startups. [Reference: https://www.vendasta.com/blog/50-stats-you-need-to-know-about-online-reviews]

Negative Reviews are Costly

Negative customer reviews not only discourage potential customers from patronizing your business, but can also cause you to lose your regular customer base. In 2012, US businesses lost nearly $1 billion annually due to bad customer reviews; today, that number is into the hundreds of billions world-wide!

Bad reviews hurt business growth and affect company morale. Although regular satisfied customers aren’t likely to post positive reviews compared to dissatisfied customers who rush to post negative ones, the more you can encourage loyal customers to post raving reviews, the better and more likely your business will see growth.

Businesses Can’t Save Their Reputations

ReviewCopia has developed a reputation management tool to help manage, improve, and promote positive reviews for businesses. Our services are designed to help your company improve its online reputation with genuine reviews and quality customer service ratings.

Some may not know that getting rid of bad reviews isn’t easy; moreover, instead of trying to refute them, companies like ReviewCopia offer alternatives and effective solutions to help regain customer confidence.  This way, potential customers notice that more people are happy with your business than not.

Customers are Watching Your Business

There’s a stark difference between the company that responds to customer concerns and the one that doesn’t address them at all. When you utilize reputation management services from ReviewCopia, we help you address customers directly, effectively, and immediately, to assure them that you care about their needs and wish to do right by them.

Having reputation management services won’t control what customers say, but will provide the opportunity for you to address issues. When businesses address common needs, and show that they HEAR the voice of the customer, potential customers see this and equate it to good business practice and “due benevolence”. In turn, those who are watching will either start or continue to support you.

Start guarding your online presence now by connecting with ReviewCopia to discuss your reputation management needs. Call us at 800-875-1532.

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